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Localized basis function methods for density functional theory "and beyond" play and important role in electronic structure theory today. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together particularly (but not only) users and developers centered around the FHI-aims numeric atom-centered orbital code for three days of discussions and exchanges in the vibrant city of Berlin.

The meeting will consist of one afternoon and two morning sessions of invited and contributed talks, as well as a poster session. In addition, two afternoons will be reserved for "hands-on discussion" sessions. We emphasize that the latter sessions are not meant to be traditional tutorial type sessions. Rather, the goal is to allow participants to identify and discuss topics of general interest on-site - together or in small groups, with immediate access to computational hardware for testing, if required. Possible topics include anything related to localized basis function methods and FHI-aims in particular - from simple bugs, discussing of the most efficient way to address a physical problem, sketching out new physics / implementation ideas all the way to conceptual problems at the forefront of the field. By adding these two sessions, we hope to break down any communication barries between the participants as much as possible, allowing practical answers that would not be possible within a conventional, perpared and formalized "talk / discussion" format.