discussion meeting on

"Catalysis from First Principles"

  July 5 - 8, 2000

   sponsored by the  Psi-k networkCECAM , et alli


Local organizers:

Coordinates (in space and time):

This is a follow-up of a  meeting the same organizers had held in May 1999.

Workshop Objective:
The objective of the meeting is to review the status of total-energy calculations as a basis for modeling and understanding of chemical reactions on solid surfaces. A strong focus will be placed on the prospects of calculational methods becoming a tool in the design of new catalysts. An additional objective is to bring together researchers from the electronic structure, the molecular-dynamics, the statistical physics community as well experimental surface-science and catalysis researchers from academia and industry.

Workshop Format:
A small meeting with  not more than 40 participants, in the approximate ratio theory/experiment/industry=2/1/1. There will be review talks, short presentations and ample time for discussion including short (one overhead) contributions on specific topics.

We will also organize a poster session.

Conference Fee:
The conference fee is EURO 200,-- and has to be paid before May 1, 2000. It also covers lunches and dinners on Thursday and Friday.

Where to stay at and how to reach CECAM:
find out about Hotels in Lyon and how to reach CECAM
Confirmed participants should make their hotel reservations themselves. In case of problems, please contact Emmanuelle Crespeau  .

ESF STRUCT-Psi-k Network
Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG
Center for Atomic-Scale Materials Physics (CAMP)
Center for Computational Materials Science
  Where is .... ?

lectures: salle des theses of Ecole Normale Superieure (see ENS map)
coffee: in front of the lecture hall
lunch: at restaurant of ENS (see ENS map) (all participants will get lunch ticket from Karsten Reuter)
poster session: in front of the lecture hall
conference dinner: to be announced

!!! the length of talks is either 35 min (plus 10 min discussion)   or 18 min (plus 7 min discussion)!!!

The program, abstracts (also of poster contributions), and the list of participants can be downloaded as gzipped ps file or pdf

You can have at look at the program ( no abstracts, no posters, no list of participants ) online, too.

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