Probing Potential Energy Surfaces

International workshop at the Gornergrat Kulm hotel

April 17 - 23, 1999

Organizers: A. Groß (TU München), J. Neugebauer, M. Scheffler (FHI Berlin)

The meeting starts on April 17, 1999, Saturday evening at 19:00 and ends on April 23, 1999, Friday morning at 11:00.

Conference site is the Gornergrat Kulm hotel (at a height of 3,100 m)
at the terminus of the Gornergratbahn.


  • Scope of the conference

  • Further impressions of the conference site
  • Transportation
  • Conference Fee
  • Program

  • Scope of the workshop:
    Over the last years there has been continuing progress in the development and application of ab initio total-energy methods for describing and predicting materials properties, chemical reaction rates, and crystal growth parameters. These methods probe the potential energy surface in order to determine the equilibrium configuration of a particular system and/or potential energy barriers for certain processes and/or attempt frequencies. The workshop is quite interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together scientists with different backgrounds, as for example in condensed matter physics, materials science, computational physics, chemistry, and industry. There will be experts of the field of total-energy calculations, scientists who develop or enhance methods, and those who apply the information gained from these total-energy calculations. The goal is to discuss current issues and perspectives in the theoretical modeling of chemisorption, chemical reactions, and crystal growth. There will be discussions of concepts and methods, and applications to materials such as metals, semiconductors, and insulators.

    Attendance is by invitation only, the maximum number of participants is 30. There will be talks (theory sessions) in the morning (8:30-11:00 a.m.) and in the evening (20:00-22:00). In between there will be ample time for informal discussions and practical (e.g. skientific) sessions on the workshop's topic. We also plan an excursion.

      Some further impressions of the conference site:


    Conference Hotel
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    Conference Hotel
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      To reach the hotel, you have to take the Gornergratbahn. To get some general information about Zermatt, in particular on transportation, click here. To look up train connections within and to and from Switzerland, click here.

    Conference Fee:
    There are two options for lodging:
    1. lodging in a double room
      • The conference fee is SFr. 556,-- and includes
        • the fee for the conference room,
        • dinner from Saturday until Thursday and Breakfast from Sunday until Friday.
        • lodging in a double room for 6 nights (starting saturday night); shower and WC as community facilities.
        • extra nights (if you like to stay longer) cost SFr. 80,-- per person per night (incl. breakfast and dinner).
        • accompanying friend pays SFr. 80,-- per night (and no conference fee).
    2. lodging in a single room
      • The conference fee is SFr. 700,-- and differs from option #1 as such that lodging is in a single room. Extra nights cost SFr. 102,-- per person per night (incl. breakfast and dinner).

      The program is subject to changes, i.e., when weather conditions suggest to continue with talks during the day time, sessions scheduled at the end of the meeting will be shifted forward.
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