CECAM workshop "Simulations of Novel Carbon Materials"
25th of October - 28th of October 2006

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Group photo1 Group Photo2 Group Photo 3 Group Photo 4
Tomanek Tomanek Tomanek Marks
Marks Marks Nieminen Nieminen
Nieminen Yazyev Yazyev Yazyev
Ewels Ewels Ewels Ewels
Krasheninnikov Krasheninnikov Krasheninnikov da Silva
da Silva Sun Sun Longhurst
Longhurst Vitillo Vitillo Baranovic
Baranovic Ambrosch-Draxl Ambrosch-Draxl Giorgetti
Pineau Pineau van Duin van Duin
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Photos taken by Johan Carlsson, Annalisa Fasolino, Jian Sun and Oleg Yazyev