In the last couple of years high-pressure oxidation of metal surfaces has evolved into an important topic in our community. In an effort to close the gap between ultra-high vacuum experiments and technological environments, new experimental and theoretical techniques have been developed, such as high-pressure STM, high-pressure SXRD as well as ab initio thermodynamics to name a few. Particularly in Europe, an increasing number of studies are presently devoted to such topics. With this dedicated, small-scale workshop we hope to provide a first forum to meet, discuss and exchange ideas, as well as facilitate our efforts for future collaborations or coordination in light of upcoming European networks.

All participants will have the possibility to give short oral presentations summarizing recent work and sketching their future interests. With its well-defined focus and small number of participants, the aim of the workshop is to provide a stimulating atmosphere with informal discussions - allowing for exchange of existing experience and encouraging future collaborations. More specifically we intend to address the following topics, among others: