Scope and venue

Ringberg This workshop will focus on recent advances in computational materials science, particulary those studies that aim at understanding fundamental aspects of the chemical and physical properties of surfaces, interfaces, clusters, and nanostructures. Topics covered will include recent cutting edge applications of first principles electronic structure techniques to heterogeneous catalysis, biophysics, and atmospheric chemistry. A focus will also be placed on new developments in electronic structure theories, and on combined electronic structure plus statistical mechanical techniques that strive to bridge the length and timescales that separate the nano-scale and the meso-scale.

With 40-50 participants and Schloss Ringberg's nice setting at the foothills of the Bavarian alps, overlooking the famous Tegernsee, the workshop will provide a stimulating atmosphere for deep, informal discussions. Ample time will also be provided in the schedule to enjoy the early stages of the 2006 football World Cup!