Hands-on Tutorial Workshop 2011 on Ab Initio Molecular Simulations:
Toward a First-Principles Understanding of
Materials Properties and Functions

Berlin, July 12 - 21, 2011


Please consider: Support Applications are no longer possible!

We can offer a limited amount of financial support for this hands-on workshop, intended particularly for younger participants, and/or those from smaller institutions. If you would like to apply for support, please send the following application materials by e-mail to Birgit Löhmer, our conference secretary. This letter (one page pdf) should provide:

When applying for support, we also need a CONFIDENTIAL reference letter by your present supervisor (professor/host). The reference letter should be sent BY THE REFEREE (supervisor), directly to our secretary�s office. The letter need not be longer that 10-15 lines, and may be transmitted by electronic mail (ascii, msword, pdf). Please arrange for these items at your earliest convenience. We must have received all necessary material no later than March 28, 2011.

We note that participants who participate actively by submitting a poster presentation in time for the deadline will be given preference for financial support.

Junior U.S. based scientists: Some support is available through N.S.F. funded Travel Award Program at the Materials Computation Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If you require financial support, please follow the instructions given at their web site.