Frontiers of Electronic Structure Theory:
Strong Correlations from First Principles

Focussed session at the DPG Spring Meeting in Berlin
March 25 to 30, 2012


The first principles description of strongly correlated materials (typically materials containing partially filled d- or f-shells, but also e.g. low-dimensional organic systems) is currently one of the great challenges in condensed matter physics. Different approaches to tackle the problem beyond density functional theory (DFT) [1] within the local density or generalized gradient approximation (LDA/GGA) are being pursued in the different subfields of the electronic structure community. We envisage that a symposium dedicated to the first principles treatment of correlations, covering approaches from Hedin's GW approximation [2], "LDA+U" [3], or hybrid functionals [4] up to random phase approximation (RPA) and dynamical mean field (DMFT) techniques [5] will provide the synergy to shape the future development in this important field.


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