Frontiers of Electronic Structure Theory:
Non-equilibrium Phenomena at the Nano-scale

Focussed session at the DPG Spring Meeting: Dresden, Germany, 31 March - 04 April 2014





Non-equilibrium processes such as charge and heat transport are central to electronic and thermoelectric applications. Understanding these phenomena at the nanoscale challenges both theory and experiment. Basic theoretical issues are related to the role of quantum mechanics, the interplay of ballistic, diffusion and hopping processes, the importance of dissipation, the effect of electronic correlation, and the signatures of unusual quantum states. On the experimental side devising measurements to unravel these phenomena in a controlled way poses severe difficulties. In this regard, optical lattices of cold atoms are emerging as a powerful laboratory to test theoretical models and discover unforeseen phenomena.

This symposium will cover current issues in the field by bringing together scientists working in different specific areas with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary discussion, assessing current theoretical understanding, and indicating future goals with emphasis on electronic structure theory.