Frontiers of Electronic-Structure Theory: Focus on The Interface Challenge

Frontiers of Electronic-Structure Theory: Focus on The Interface Challenge

Symposium at the 2019 Joint meeting of the DPG and EPS Condensed Matter Divisions
Germany, Regensburg, 31 March - 05 April 2019


With more than 5,000 expected participants the DPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Division is the largest European physics conference covering all aspects of condensed matter and chemical physics, materials science, surface science, as well as polymer and biophysics, and more. For several years now the conference language has been English.

You are invited to attend the DPG Spring Meeting from March, 31 March - April, 05 2019 in Regensburg and in particular the above noted symposium which is organized by:

Jens Nørskov, (DTU, Denmark; Stanford, USA), Karsten Reuter (TU München), and Matthias Scheffler (FHI, Berlin)

The goal of our symposium is to give an overview on the interface challenge by inviting both well-known international experts and emerging researchers. We expect this symposium to attract a diverse audience, ranging from those involved in method development to practitioners in the various application areas. This is an official symposium at the DPG spring meeting of the Condensed Matter Section. There will be invited talks, contributed talks, and a poster session.
We are grateful that the symposium is again hosted by the surface-science division of the DPG. However, please note that this hosting does NOT imply that talks need to be restricted to this scientific area. While the invited lectures will have a focus on interfaces, the symposium will cover the general field of computational materials and electronic structure theory.

Invited Speakers at the symposium include:

  • Mie Andersen, Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Karen Chan, Technical University of Denmark
  • Kristin Persson, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Mariana Rossi, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Germany
  • Mira Todorova, Max Planck Institute for Iron Research, Germany

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