NSF/CECAM School on Computational Materials Science: From Basics to Applications
Lausanne, July 17, 2017 - July 27, 2017





Abstract submission

Participants should present their research work in poster sessions. Please note that abstract and poster do not necessarily need to describe finished research and/or (many) results. It is fully appropriate if they describe your research project, the open questions, the methods to be used, and possible showstoppers.

The abstract submission must be created by filling out the following abstract form. The Application for participation is required for an abstract submission. You need the email address which you used for the application in order to submit your abstract for a poster. If you did not yet fill in the application form, please do so before you proceed to fill out the abstract form. The abstract can be updated later, until two months before the school.

Abstract submission form:

  • Please enter your abstract below. The form accepts basic LaTeX commands that may be used to, for example, type-set formulas. Footnotes are NOT accepted and will be ignored.
  • You can add the required number of fields for affiliations and authors by clicking the [+] button.
  • You can point to references by adding [1], [2], and so on in the text. Add your references (one per line) in the last field of the form in the same order as they appear in the text. Do not add a leading number, these will be added automatically.
  • After pressing [Check your Abstract ...] you will have the chance to check whether your abstract is OK or if there are formatting issues or if it is too long. You can go back to this form from there.
  • If everything is OK, you can submit the abstract. A copy of your abstract will be sent to the Email address that you provide.