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Frontiers in InterfacE Science: Theory And Experiment

Berlin, June 28 - July 1, 2011

An International Symposium in the field of
Surface and Interface Science
on the occasion of the 60th birthdays of
Hans-Joachim Freund and Matthias Scheffler

The FIESTAE Symposium aims at documenting, through a series of lectures by eminent scientists, the progress achieved in surface and interface science over the last 35 years (roughly the time span of the professional career of Hajo and Matthias) and the current state of the art both in theory and experiment. We look forward to an exciting event that will highlight the science in a field that is still rapidly evolving and maturing.

Within the last three decades, the interdisciplinary field of surface and interface science has made spectacular progress. On the experimental side, studies of clean surfaces and simple adsorption systems have evolved into sophisticated experiments on complex artificial structures such as quantum wells and corrals, manufactured interfaces between a variety of compounds, and various nano-objects and self-assembled molecular structures. Spectroscopic and imaging techniques, originally developed for surfaces studies, have made their way into many other fields of science. These experimental advances have been matched by improvements in the theoretical description of surfaces and interfaces, which have gone from simple tight-binding calculations in the 1970's to the veritable "industry" of density functional treatments of all kinds of interfaces. The development of program packages have made such computations available to a large community of scientists. Theoretical treatments now encompass, for instance, dynamic processes in solids and at interfaces (through first principles calculations) and heterogeneous catalytic reactions (through multiscale modeling). The advances in both experiment and theory have had a profound influence on basic science and on real-life applications alike.