Methods and Algorithms in Electronic-Structure Theory

Ringberg Castle, June 3 - June 6, 2015





The workshop will focus on the development of methods, algorithms, and computer programs in electronic-structure theory. It will address a wide range of methods including wave-function, density-matrix functional, Green’s function, and density functional theories (and combinations thereof) for the unperturbed ground state and for various external time-independent or time-dependent stimuli, and open systems. The central goal of the workshop is to stimulate and consolidate interdisciplinary interactions to develop methods that improve computational efficiency and accuracy for a variety of possible applications, from chemistry to biophysics, solid-state physics, and the materials sciences.

Type of Conference

To facilitate active discussions among all participants we envisage a workshop with no more than 60 participants, who will present an overview over their field and its current challenges.
The proposed format is that of a Gordon-style presentation arrangement with ample discussion time (25/20 min talks + 15/10 min discussion).


Martin Kaupp (TU Berlin), Patrick Rinke (FHI Berlin), Peter Saalfrank (University of Potsdam), Matthias Scheffler (FHI Berlin)

Important dates:

3. June 2015: Start of the conference
6. June 2015: End of the conference