Strong Correlation from First Principles

Monastery Seeon, Bavaria, August 30 - September 2, 2011

The first principles description of strongly correlated materials (typically materials containing partially filled d- or f-shells) is currently regarded as one of the great challenges in condensed matter physics. Strongly correlated materials such as complex oxides offer a rich variety of physical phenomena (e.g. high temperature superconductivity) that continue to challenge our current understanding of quantum mechanics. Many disjointed approaches to tackle the problem are being pursued in the different subfields of the electronic structure community.

We envisage that a workshop dedicated to the first principles treatment of strong correlations (possibly evolving into a series of workshops in later years) would provide the synergy to shape the future development in this important field.

Important dates:

15. May 2011: registration and abstract submission closes
31. May 2011: payment deadline