Hands-On DFT and Beyond: Sino-German Summer School on the Frontiers of Advanced Electronic Structure and Molecular Dynamics Methods

Hands-On DFT and Beyond: Frontiers of Advanced Electronic Structure and Molecular Dynamics Methods

Peking University, Beijing, China, July 30th to August 10th, 2018

Travel information and venue

Reception Desk

The reception is located at:

School of Physics, Peking University

209 Chengfu Rd., Haidian Dist., Beijing, P.R. China

The reception will be open the whole day on July 30, 2018. The hotel, Zhongguan Xinyuan (北京大学中关新园), is near the School of Physics. In below, we list the information of the main venue of this summer school. If you don’t know how to go to the hotel, you can come to the reception desk; our volunteers will point you to your hotel.



It is hot in August. The lowest temperature is 18-25°C and the highest temperature is 28-35°C. You should better bring an umbrella and sunscreen.

Getting here

Nearest airport

The nearest international airport is Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA, airport code: PEK). The transportation from BCIA to the School of Physics (PKU) is convenient. You can exchange/withdraw Chinese currency (CNY) there according to your credit card types (Link).

By Subway

Use Airport Line – Line 10 – Line 4 and get off at East Gate of Peking University (Exit B). It takes about 1 h and 15 min and the fare is 30 CNY. We suggest to buy a transport card (IC card) and deposit 50 or 100 RMB. If you follow the signs to the Beijing Capital Airport Express Train, you will end up at a counter that sells such cards. Please keep in mind to withdraw Chinese currency beforehand. The deposit and remaining money on the IC card can be refunded on the way back.


Getting there by taxi

It takes about 60 minutes by taxi from the BCIA to the School of Physics (PKU) or the hotel (Zhongguan Xinyuan). The hotel is about 500 meters from the School of Physics. The taxi fare is about 130 CNY plus 10 CNY for toll fee. Please ask for a receipt when you arrive at the hotel. You can show the driver the following Chinese address cards for your destination.

Venue: School of Physics


Hotel: Zhongguan Xinyuan


Using the airport shuttle

Airport shuttle is available at all three terminals of BCIA. Tickets can be purchased at Exit No.7 of Terminal 1, Exit No. 11 of Terminal 2, and Exit No. 7 of Terminal 3. Please take shuttle No. 5 to ZhongGuanCun (The shuttle bus is available between 6:50 and 24:00). The bus fare is 30 CNY. Then we suggest you take a taxi to School of Physics (about 11 min and 15 CNY). You may show the above address card to the driver. You can find more information on the website of Beijing Capital International Airport. We do not advice to use the shuttle bus, thhe bus stops are rather hard to find.

ATMs and Currency Exchange

There are ATM machines and currency exchange offices at BCIA and many ATMs throughout the city accept international credit cards (for fees, please ask your bank). In order to be on the safe side however, we recommend that you exchange enough currency in advance.


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