Frontiers of Electronic Structure Theory:
Many-body effects on the nano-scale

Symposium at the DPG Spring Meeting: Berlin, Germany, March 15 – 20, 2015





Over the last years, the Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section (SKT) of the DPG developed into a major event for the international electronic-structure-theory community and contributed to a very European face of this field. On the one hand, the proposed Symposium stands in the tradition of “Frontiers of electronic structure theory” aiming at this audience. On the other hand, the enormous progress in semiconductor- and metal-based nanotechnology gave access to and unprecedented control of many-body effects in small systems from macro-molecules to mesoscopic structures. A particular focus of the proposed Symposium “Many-body effects on the nano-scale” is to bring the predictive and descriptive power of modern electronic structure-theory closer to experimental work in semiconductor physics, surface science, magnetism and chemical physics.

This symposium will cover current issues in the field by bringing together scientists working in different specific areas with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary discussion, assessing current theoretical understanding, and indicating future goals with emphasis on electronic structure theory.