CECAM Tutorial on
Kinetic Monte Carlo
From Phase Transitions and Crystal Growth to Econophysics

14-17  October  2002
46, Allée d'Italie, 69007 Lyon, France

The aim of this tutorial is to familiarize students with the kinetic interpretation of the Monte Carlo method, to discuss the mathematical background of the master equation and when it will lead to physically reasonable kinetics, and to present some selected applications from recent research. In condensed matter physics, the goal is to reproduce physical kinetics quantitatively using a Monte Carlo method. Examples from phase transition kinetics and from epitaxial crystal growth will be presented. In econophysics or finance, kinetic Monte Carlo simulations are used to model various stochastic aspects of market behavior, e.g., to synthesize time series of portfolios for risk analysis. Each of these areas will be examplified by a 'hands-on' session where the applicants can try out what they have learned using simple programs on the computer.

The tutorial will include a poster session, and participants are encouraged to present their own research.

Lecture Notes:

  • Monday, Oct. 14th (W. Paul)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 15th (W. Paul)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 17th
  • Applications of kinetics to surface scince and simulations of epitaxial growth (Peter Kratzer)
  • Atomistic aspects: the role of DFT calculations (Peter Kratzer)
  • C/C++ implementation of kinetic Monte Carlo (Peter Kratzer)
  • Practical exercise: download C/C++ program package for simulation of the cubic SOS model

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