Density Functional Theory and Beyond with Numeric Atom-Centered Orbitals

FHI-aims Developers' and Users' Meeting - August 19-22, 2014
Organized by Fritz Haber Institute and CECAM-mm1p at Harnack House of the Max Planck Society






Accommodation for invited speakers will be provided. Participants arrange for their accommodation individually. A limited contingent of rooms at a special rate will be available at the Harnack House and at the Seminaris Hotel. The morning sessions will be held at Harnack House. The Seminaris Hotel is about 20 minutes or 1.5 km walking distance or 1 metro stop (U3) away from the workshop venue. A keyword for booking at a reduced rate at Seminaris Hotel will be provided with the confirmation Emails for attendance of the workshop.

There are plenty of alternative accommodation options available in Berlin, some examples are shown below. Information on public transportation (network, time tables, travel times etc.) can be found here.