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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
  14. J.M. García-Lastra, D.J. Mowbray, K.S. Thygesen, A. Rubio, and K.W. Jacobsen,
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
  19. H. Guhl,
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
    Supplementary material - Methodological aspects and detailed comparisonof reconstruction geometry to literature: pdf
    Selected for Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science andTechnology 22, Issue 19 (November 1, 2011).
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
  34. S. Matera,
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Preprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Preprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Preprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    "Secondary structure of Ac-Alan-LysH+ polyalanine peptides (n=5,10,15) in vacuo: Helical or not?". J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 1, 3465-3470 (2010).
    Reprint download: pdf
    Supplementary material - Detailed development of the H-bond network ofAc-Ala15-LysH+ during our AIMD simulation: pdf
    A movie can be found at Ala15-unfolding
  49. A. Rubio,
    "Hybridized Graphene: Nanoscale patchworks". Nat. Mat. 10, 379-380 (2010).
    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf <-- pub end -->!
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf
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    Reprint download: pdf



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